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Nuff’ Said.. November 5, 2009

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Congratulations to the 2009 World Series Champions
The New York Yankees!

They’re Baaaaack! October 26, 2009

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Congratulations to the New York Yankees!!

World Series Bound!

ALCS Game 6: Yankees vs. Angels October 25, 2009

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Today the New York Yankees will send Andy Pettitte to the mound to pitch Game 6 in ALCS.

I really think the Yankees will win tonight against the Angels. But let’s face it, Joba and Hughes have to step up when called upon. If Andy is able to pitch in to the eighth inning or even up to the seventh inning, those two guys will have to hold the Angels down (if the Yankees have the lead) so that they can turn it over to Mariano Rivera.

Another factor that has to come into play is the Swisher factor. Swisher hasn’t had too much success in the playoffs but he has to come through with runners in scoring position. I really think Swisher is trying to hard right now. I would like to see Swisher relax a little bit more and just go out and play baseball because you can tell he is thinking too much at the plate.

One more point I would like to bring up before tonight’s game is that all of this talk about the 2004 playoffs is just nonsense. This is a totally different team and different manager.

I really hope the Yankees fans that are going to tonight’s game will really make it difficult for the Angels. Make them feel comfortable, making them feel scared, make them feel like they can’t wait to get the hell out of there.

Let’s Go New York Yankees!

Again Joe? October 23, 2009

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Don’t hang your head AJ, after giving up 4 runs in the 1st, you held the Angels scoreless giving your team a chance to get back in the game (which they did).
The problem was that you shouldv’e never came back out to pitch after the Yankees took the lead.
Therefore IMO the manager lost the game (again).

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The Yankees Win Division!! September 27, 2009

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Yankees Win

Congratulations go out to the Yankees and the entire Yankee Organization!

I am so proud that the New York Yankees clinched the division today and did it against the Boston Red Sox.

Today’s game was shown on ESPN and I really hate watching their broadcast simply because I can’t stand to listen to Joe “Mr. know it all” Morgan talk as if he is one of the best, if not the best baseball player that has ever lived.

There was a play in the game, where Nick Swisher tried to tag up on a fly ball to center field.  Swish was called out, because the Red Sox appealed that he left second base too early. Even though he was called out, the replay showed that he did not leave early, and his foot was still on the bag when the ball was caught. Morgan went on and on about how he saw from all the way up in the booth (which is probably 150 yards up) that he saw Swisher’s foot leave the bag early. Clearly from the replay it showed that he didn’t but Morgan, Mr. Know it all said he did and the fact that the 2nd base umpire called him out made Morgan gloat even more about how he called it right. It was a bad call and I’m sure once the umpire looks at the replay, he would say that he called it wrong also. But not Joe Morgan..

Another thing that pissed me off was after the game, ESPN showed Baseball Tonight. I’ll just mention John Kruk in this rant but the other cast of so-called “Expert Analysts” had their say about the Yankees also.
ESPN had a reporter in the Yankees’ locker-room. I forget who the reporter was interviewing but in the background were some of the Yankee bench players celebrating. Not in this particular clip were some of the regulars. John Kruk used this opportunity to say that the veteran players won’t be celebrating and that they are more subdued about winning the division. What Kruk? Why wouldn’t they be celebrating? They just won the division after you and some of the other “Expert Analyst” on ESPN said in the beginning of the season that the Yankees wouldn’t even make the playoffs!

So Kruk as you can see the regulars also celebrated. Even the New York Yankee Captain got in on the celebrating.
I wish these former has-been players and general managers on ESPN will stop acting like they no so much. Just because you were a so-so player or as you keep letting people know, drafted David Wright, doesn’t make you an expert instantly when you put on a suit and tie and get a job with ESPN.