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Just Bitter! July 15, 2007

Posted by DG in New York Sports.
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torre1001.jpgDeep down (like many other ball players around the league), Gary Sheffield probably still wishes he was a member of the New York Yankees. Sheff might still be a little bitter that the Yanks got rid of him. So what does he do.. Continue to attack them!

Sheffield told a reporter that Joe Torre treat black ball players the same as white ball players. Sheffield said black players are “called out” in front of everyone and white players are called into the office to talk privately. Saying this is just plain stupid. Yeah, Torre may play favorites but it’s mainly the players that have been thru thick and thin with him, black, white, lavender or tangerine.

Just like in one of my previous posts, I said that Stephon Marbury should not do interviews, will this goes for Gary Sheffield as well. Stick to doing what you are good at. Move on!

I am not surprised at how Torre handled the situation when a reporter asked him about it, I am more surprised at how Jim Leland allows Sheffield to continue to make comments about things other then the Detroit Tigers and the current season. I mean, I know Sheff can say whatever he wants and is his own man and is trying to sell a book but come on, shut up play ball man!

No wonder you’ve been with so many different teams..


1. Outofthebullpen - July 30, 2007

Look, we don’t know the dynamic going around that clubhouse. Last time you counted, how many black players did you see? Yes, I am factoring-in the demographic decline, which I hope is reversing.

To be fair, I confess a soft spot for Daddy Steinbrenner’s prodigal sons (one of whom has returned once already, to keep the metaphor going – Wells was doing great until his last start or two.) And I’m sure you’ve noticed that these are not Uncle Joe’s favorite nephews.

Speaking of black ballplayers, Sheffield, and former Yankees, did you hear that pitcher Ian Snell of the Pirates has been dubbed “Baby Sheff” for complaining about the defense behind him? Shawn Chacon (NYY ’05), who should know, was quoted as saying Snell is just like Sheffield for speaking out whatever is on his mind. However, as Snell’s mentor and friend (not to mention a scarce phenomenon as a fellow-black pitcher, though race doesn’t enter this story as far as I know), Chacon said it supportively, adding, too, that Snell’s youth was surely a factor. Sheffield, I have a feeling, would not want his temperment written-off as youthful impetuosity! No risk of that, some might add!

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