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Meeting Patrick. April 7, 2008

Posted by DG in Knicks.

I’ll never forget when Patrick came into an electronic store that I worked in. It was late fall, right before the 97-98 season. Patrick frequent the store, as did many players from basketball to hockey that played for the tri-state area teams. He had one salesman that he did all of his business with and this salesman knew how big of a fan I was (still am) of the Knicks.

I worked in the stockroom so I didn’t not see him com in but the salesman came to the back and told me, “Pat is here!”. Of course I knew who he was talking about right away. I strolled out from the back with the salesman, trying not to look like a crazed fan. We walked up to Patrick who was by then, surrounded by other salesmen and customers asking him questions and trying to get anything they could find autographed by him. As many of you already know, Patrick does not sign autographs and as I was introduced to him by the salesman, I found out about his no-autograph policy the hard way. “I don’t sign autographs” Patrick replied to me. I told him it was cool and it was good enough just meeting you. Patrick continued to shop and I walked away with this grin on my face.. I couldn’t go back to the stockroom so I stood at the door with the store security guard and another stock employee, watching Ewing, and in awe at how tall this guy was.

Suddenly the salesman that was helping Ewing, looked at us and waved me over. I walked (or ran) over and Patrick leaned over and said to me, “If you help me to my car, I’ll sign something for you”. I said ok, and waited at the door.. Thinking he would have bags and bags of stuff, Patrick and the salesman walked to the door where I was standing with only 1 bag. I grabbed it and Patrick and I walked out the door, talking like 2 old buddies. He was telling me about how he hoped what he brought was the right camera and how the salesman really helped him out like he always does when he comes to this store.

We talked about the upcoming season and how excited he was to get it going (Patrick only played in 26 games due to injuries). As he got into his car he asked me if I had something for him to sign. I didn’t even give that a thought and he actually laughed at me when I said I didn’t. I reached into my pocket and for some I had a business card from one of the salesmen so Patrick signed the back of that. He gave me the peace sign and he drove off.

Patrick Ewing is my favorite New York Knick player (with John Starks coming in a close second) so it was an honor to meet him in person. My only regret in meeting him was that I did not go into my store locker room where I always kept one of those NY Knick hats, you know the ones they give out on “Free Knick Cap Nights” at Madison Square Garden, and have him autograph that instead of having him sign a business card. It definitely would’ve been a collectors item for the simple fact that he does not sign stuff.

Anyway, that was my “Meeting Patrick Ewing” story that I’ll never forget. Thanks Pat!


1. John D - October 6, 2011

hey man…when i was 10 years old i had the privelage of being the “honorary ballboy” for the first preseason game of the 94-95 season against the houston rockets….what an experience…anyways, when after the game i was allowed in the locker room and i brought a brand new NBA official ball ($70 at the time) and started walking around asking Larry Johnson, John Starks, my idols for autographs….now right before i went in (locker rooms are packed after games with reporters and i was so little) the main ballboy said you can talk to whoever you want, just dont go near Patrick….well i was 10 and was tought by my father at a young age that if you go for it, the worst that can happen is you fail (this worked once with Herschel Walker, he was running to his car after a day at training camp, and the players cars were roped off, so once they passed that rope you werent allowed to talk or get signed anymore, he walked right by everyone and that was the only guy i wanted to get an autograph from, my dad said go for it, if anyone yells to stop just pretend you dont hear them, i ran to him, he said “youve got balls kid, signed my ball and off he went)….so i went right up to Patrick and said “Hey man, your my favorite player, i love you, will you sign my ball?” (btw i was totally amazed at his size as well, when i first saw him in the tunnel before the game started i couldnt stop staring at him, the only other bigger player ive met is kareem and i think he looked bigger cuz hes so skinny) as i finished, the other ballboy came running over and pulled me away and told Patrick “Im so sorry Mr. Ewing, it wont happen ever again” i proceeded to get a “stern” talking to, 2 seconds later i was getting my ball signed by herb Williams (awesome awesome man) and Patrick (i assume he had to feel bad, he was kind of a dickhead to a 10 year old…i mean he gave me a mean face and everything, i have hated him ever since until reading this article) i did not know he was that serious about not signing autographs…well now i have a ball signed by that entire team including the coaches and also, randomly, keyshawn Johnson (he was in the tunnel and i noticed him standing there (i was a huge jets fan at the time) asked him to sign and he said (kiddo i play football) and i said “cmon mr johnson i know who u are” he laughed his ass off (coming from a 10 year old this musta been quite a sight) he signed my ball “KEYSHAWN JOHNSON…..JETS!” haha anyway i love this ball and am so happy i have starks, johnson, ewing, williams, john wallace, i mean the list goes on….i have pictures rebounding for hakeem personally, just me and him on the court in MSG….one pic actually looks like im playing against him lol….hope someone reads this haha…peace!

many typos, i apologize

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