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FarnsWORTHLESS and Company. May 28, 2008

Posted by DG in Yankees.
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We all know how useless and worthless Kyle FarnsworthLESS has been to the New York Yankees. Well, he has company to that exclusive club. This is just a short list of players that have not stepped up for the Yanks IMO.
Farnsworth may be the clubs leader right now but lets not forget who the founder is..

Carl Pavano – Founder

Kyle Farnsworth – Leader (current)

LaTroy Hawkins

Ian Kennedy

Ross Ohlendorf

Kai Igawa
Player To Be Named
(any suggestions?)


1. thirtydaes - May 29, 2008

good god pavano was a bust if ever there was one! farnsworth def belongs in this club too. i’d also put randy johnson there-i never supported that acquisition and breathed a sigh of relief when it came to a bloodless ending.

otherwise, i’m still holding out hope for hawkins….

2. julio baptista - August 17, 2008

i head pavano and farnsworth were spotted smooching on the staten island ferry. batty boys. what a surprise

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