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LOL Damn I Missed This June 6, 2009

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As much as I can’t stand Mike sometimes, there’s something that keeps me tuning into his show. I think he really needs someone in there to dispute some of the things he says sometimes. Mike like to think he’s right ALL the time.

I honestly hate when a caller calls in and wants to state his point but Mike either talks over them or hangs up.  This clip had me crackin’ up though. Especially the fact that Mike kept arguing with the guy even though he already told his staff to hang up on them. Funny stuff.

But my opinion about Joba… I think he needs to go into the bullpen.

D. Walsh, Show Him The Door! April 16, 2008

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Goodbye Isiah: A Tribute

I just hope the Knicks don’t make this a long, drawn out process. This way the organization can move forward and move on. Oh and please don’t bury him within the organization with some made up title. Show him the door!

What Do You Think Of This Play? April 16, 2008

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