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Yanks vs. Sox : Chapter 10 June 2, 2007

Posted by DG in New York Sports.
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June 1st Yankees vs. Sox – Game 1

Well, the bats woke up for the Yankees. I don’t know if it was because Wakefield had a bad outting or if it’s just that the Yanks own him. I really think its the latter.. I know for myself, I love it when the Yankees face Wakefield because they tend to tee off on him after the first time the face him in the lineup. Their 8 of 9 against him dating back a few years ago.

But I’m not going to give the Yanks all the credit. Wakefield just didn’t have his stuff. It seems that when there are base runners on first, Wakefield pays too much attention to the runner instead of focusing on the batter. A home run here, a walk there.. He gave up 8 runs in 3 innings!

As for the Yankees ace, Wang had his ups and downs but stayed come and held the Sox to 3 runs. I like Wang, he keeps his cool. doesn’t show any emotion on the mound that would let the other team know he’s struggling.

I may be wrong but I’m going to predict a sweep of the Sox this weekend. With all that happened in last nights game, the bean balls, the emotion finally showed by Torre, this is the type that can fire them up.. But wait, Mussina is pitching tonight. Can I take back my prediction?!