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Good Job Big Blue!! February 6, 2008

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Michael Strahan (from l.), Tom Coughlin and Manning float above Broadway to the cheering of thousands.Really not much else can be said about the Giants winning the Super Bowl that hasn’t been said already.

Congratulations New York Giants!

New York vs. Boston.. Again! January 21, 2008

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But this time it’s between the football teams!

With all the talk about the weather, Ryan Grant and the Super Bowl being Brett Favre’s destiny or final swan song, the New York Giants prove to the football world that they are the ones who belong in the big game.
Don’t get me wrong, the Green Bay Packers have an explosive team but with the weather being in the single digits, it put each team on an equal playing field and looking at both Eli Manning and Brett Favre on and off the field, it looked like Eli was the one who was more used to the frigid temperatures then Brett was. And although Plaxico Burress didn’t make it into the endzone, he may have had his best game of his career! 11 receptions for 154 yards.. What a way to step up! Big time players make big time plays and Plaxico was as big as anyone in the game!

Next up is the team that the Giants played in the final week of the season, the New England Patriots. Aside from the one big play from Tom Brady to Randy Moss that set records, the Giants had played them well on both offense and defense. These two weeks are going to be critical for both teams, giving them time to assess each other. But with the long layoff and the Giants playing hot right now who will benefit from it? The Giants are riding that big wave of momentum, it will be tough to carry that over into the Super Bowl, especially after not playing for 2 weeks.

If the game is close like it was in week 16, the Giants well prevail, ending a dream season for Brady and the Patriots and giving another Manning the opportunity to hoist the Lombardi Trophy, two years in a row!

Romo, T.O.. Who? January 13, 2008

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Although there were some strange calls on offense, The Giants played well as a team! Next up though is a tougher opponent in a much tougher environment! Along with youth and a veteran QB in Brett Favre, the Giants will definitely have to keep the momentum and the confidence going!

New York Giants vs. Green Bay Packers pt.2

What’s your predictions?

One Word… Momentum ! January 7, 2008

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Manning points Giants offense to victory and a showdown in Dallas.

Obviously the Giants are building up a lot of momentum going into the playoffs. Ever since the game against the Bills, they are putting together all the pieces at the right time in the season.
Next up, The Dallas Cowboys who lately have hit a few road bumps with the injury to Terrel Owens and the dismal play of Tony Romo. If the Giants can come out in the start of the game, playing the way they have been play in the later parts of game, they will be playing in Green Bay for the NFC Championship!

Welcome Back Strahan August 31, 2007

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