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Show A Little Respect FarnsworthLESS! June 30, 2007

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Did anyone watch the Yankee game last night, in the 8th inning when Kyle Farnsworthless was pitching? He struck out Nick Swisher and Torre brought in Mariano Rivera… MARIANo RIVERA, Mr. Farnsworthless!
Farnsworthless had the nerve to be upset that he was replaced with probably the best closer in baseball! He looked really selfish as he stormed off into the dugout, throwing his glove (and a tantrum) because Torre, a Hall of Fame manager made a decision to take him out.

Torre has made some questionable moves this year but after having horrendous road trip, the Yankees needed a win and bringing Rivera in was a great move.

Farnsworthless should be thinking about the the team instead having a fit. And on top of that, he refused to talk to the press after the game to explain what he was thinking.. Come on man, you have no right to be upset! If you’re not already on the Yankees list of players to be shipped out for opening your mouth on the Roger Clemens situation, you definitely should be on it now. You don’t disrespect an all-star closer and an all-star manager. You don’t disrespect the Yankees, no matter how much the the players themselves have been doing that with their play all year..

Pretty Good Roger.. May 19, 2007

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ClemensEven though you were pitching to minor leaguers.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was happy as hell when Clemens announced he was coming back. Brought chills to my body. I don’t think he is going to come in and BAM, the Yankees are in first place but he will help us get back there a little bit faster then if we didn’t get him back.

Everyone is panicking. The Yankees are 10 games back. RELAX PEOPLE! Yeah Boston is playing well right now but like the Yankees’ situation, it is still early. The Redsox won’t be able to hold on to that type of lead throughout the entire season. Beckett is already on the DL on i’m sure Schilling is right behind him.

Roger will make a difference in that locker room and on the field. He is an icon. Top 3 greastest pitchers of alltime!

The Yankees will turn it around, It’s May dammit!