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Time To Rebuild May 18, 2007

Posted by DG in New York Sports.
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carter_loser.jpg The Nets lost and they are out of the playoffs.

It was pretty sad watching J. Kidd try to carry the whole team by himself. I mean, he did have a little help from Mikki Moore. Yeah, Mikki Moore not Vince Carter. Vince Carter was a know-show the entire series. I know he is getting old but so is everyone else. He should have been bustin’ the Cavs ass!

It’s time to break that time up. Starting with Carter. Get rid of him. he is not worth it. Yeah he brings fans in but at the same time it’s time to win and after a few seasons with the Nets, he has not helped when it counts.

Now Vince could opt out of his contract and sign with another team as a free-agent, but who will pay him more then 16 million dollars, the amount the Nets will be paying him if he doesn’t opt out.

Kidd is probably top 3 point guards in the league but you have to let him go in order to get younger. As for Richard Jefferson, I believe he still has some monster years ahead of him. Hopefully the injury bug will stay away in the coming seasons.

Now for the rest of the team, you have a few good young players. Marcus Williams, Nenad Krstic, Antoine Wright and Bostjan Nachbar. A nice nucleous! Start building with these guys and by the time The Nets make that move to Brooklyn, they should be dominating the Eastern Conferrence.