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Farewell To The Great Stadium September 21, 2008

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Today is quite possible the last baseball game the Yankees will play at the stadium. All those great memories will be just that, memories and although I’ve been to the stadium a number of times throughout the past 20 years ( I was able to afford to go), I don’t have that stand out game that I have been to that sticks out in my memory. I do however remember getting to the games early and watching the players warm up on the field. I always wondered what it was like to lay on that beautiful green grass, stretching and just looking up from the field into the stands and taking it all in. How could you not want to play and make Yankee stadium your home field (Griffey Jr.)?

I envy all the players, not because they play the greatest game in the world and not for all the money they make (although it is a nice incentive) but I envy them because they had the opportunity to touch, feel and smell the lush greens, I envy them because they had the opportunity to slide into home plate and getting their uniform dirty and walking back to the dugout wearing it like a badge of honor, I envy them because they had the opportunity to run onto that field from the dugout, with the sound of scrunching dirt beneath their cleats, I envy them for putting on that uniform and wearing the pinstripes.

I understand that these are not really memories, these are feelings and fantasies I can take with me as I go to my first game at the NEW Yankee stadium. But there will be something different. There won’t be that aura of all the great baseball players from the present and past that have played on that field. Reggie, Munson, Maris and Mantle. Oh and before you say anything, I know that the field that Jeter and Rivera play on is different from the field that DiMaggio and Berra played on but let’s face it, they all played in the same stadium.  The new stadium won’t have that aura, not yet at least. Which is why I am happy that I get a chance in the future to tell my grand kids how spectacular it was to watch Derek Jeter make that impossible throw or how unbelievable it was to see Alex Rodriguez become the all-time home run king or even just to hear the Bleacher Creature salute the players with their roll call. I can’t wait to start new memories next season, I can’t wait to see the first Championship Banner hung in the New Yankee Stadium but most of all, I can’t wait to sit in the stands fantasizing about laying and stretching on that beautiful grass.

A Rod A Juicer? Nahh.. August 6, 2007

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Now that we have a new home run king and Alex Rodriguez is somewhat close behind him, I just wanted to express my opinion on this whole steroid issue in baseball.
Chipper Jones came out a few days ago and made a comment about how A Rod will be the next player to be accused of juicing. I agree with Jones. This goes for anyone who hits a boat load of homers, say 50 or more.
But in my opinion, I think the steroid factor is small compared to someone who just has good hand-eye coordination. Don’t get me wrong, I do think you also need some power to muscle the ball 400 plus feet away but if you don’t have the hand-eye coordination to hit a 90 plus mph ball that is 9 inches round, not to mention hitting the ball with a bat on the “sweet spot”.
For those who don’t know what the sweet spot is let me define it for you..

The sweet spot is the center of mass on a bat, the perfect balance
point. This is right near the label on a Louisville Slugger. This is
the point at which the most energy can be imparted from the bat to the
This is about 5 to 7 inches from the end of the barrel where the batted ball speed is the highest. Batters know when they hit the ball in the “sweet spot” because the sensation or the vibration generated from hitting the ball is minimized.

In 14 seasons, A Rod has consistently hit over 35 plus home runs (except for the first 2 seasons of his career and and his 4th season in Seattle). This is going back to 1994. He has also racked up close to 2200 hits and has a career batting average of 305.
In other words, the man can hit! And I think it has a lot to do with his discipline at the plate and his great hand-eye coordination.
And if you want to say, “well look at him, he has bulked up a lot”. Let me ask you this, take a look at some photos of yourself say ten years ago. I’m sure you’ve bulked up too! I know I have, and other then lifting a few weights off and on and playing a few pickup games on the weekend, my workout regimen is know where close to the average professional ball player whose job is to workout and stay fit year round.
Like I said, I’ve bulked up. You wanna know what my steroid is, it’s called FOOD!

500!!! August 4, 2007

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250 plus to go!