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It Has Been Done! April 18, 2008

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The Daily News is reporting that Isiah Thomas has been fired as the head coach but will remain in the organization 😦 doing something..

Finally fellow Knick Fans.. April 5, 2008

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Ewing & Signs Of Spring! February 16, 2008

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I would like to say congratulations and to Patrick Ewing for being selected as a finalist for the Hall Of Fame. Good Luck!

I’ve come to the point where I refuse to talk about the Knicks anymore on this blog. Until they have a new coach (and some willingness to play defense). I truly hope the Knick organization will get it together soon because us fans deserve better!

Let’s look at the bright side though…

Spring is just a few weeks away and pitchers and catchers reported to camp this week. Position players report next week. HOORAY FOR BASEBALL!!

I Don’t Know What You Are Doing Isiah! January 3, 2008

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Isiah Thomas watches the Knicks lose again on Wednesday night. They are now 8-22.

Neither does he!

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Stephon At It Again August 23, 2007

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shutup_marbury.jpg Did you hear the recent comments made by Stephon Marbury’s latest comments on Michael Vick?
If you haven’t, hear is what he said..

“We don’t say anything about people shooting deers and shooting other animals, you know what I mean? From what I hear, dog fighting is a sport. It’s just behind closed doors and I think it’s tough that we build Michael Vick up and then we break him down … I think he fell into a bad situation”

News Flash Steph. Dogfighting is NOT a sport! And how did Vick fall into a bad situation?

You know, I really like Stephon Marbury. I always make a point to wear his jersey when I attend Knick games, Love his ball play, and love what he is doing with his Starbury brand sneakers. But man, he has been on something lately.
All of his interviews have been wacky to say the least. Isiah Thomas and the Knick organization really need to sit this guy down with a publicist!


Marbury is now trying to cover those comments he made about the Vick situation..

“I don’t like it at all,” Marbury said of dogfighting. “I don’t think (Vick’s) right. But this dude is trying to ask for forgiveness. … The way the way it’s going about in the newspapers and TV, it’s ridiculous.”

He also said that he didn’t call dogfighting a sport, and basically saying it’s the media that put those words in his mouth..

I said, ‘From what I hear, dogfighting was a sport.’ They’re editing me on TV”.

Sounds like someone in the organization spoke with Steph..